Just like sporting and other communal events, the theater has its own set of etiquette rules. By following these guidelines, you help ensure that you and your fellow audience members get the most out of the performance. Of course, we all understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, but try to stick to these as much as possible.

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1. Arrive to the theater on time.

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2. Visit the restroom before the

performance begins.

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3. Turn off your cell phone or, if it must be on, put it on vibrate.

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4. Each theater has different rules regarding things like food and drink in the theater and which exits you should use in case of emergency.

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5. Avoid speaking (including whispering) during the performance.



6. The overture in ballet is meant to bring your mind into the space and prepare you to absorb the show. It is part of the performance, so be quiet once it begins.

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7. Photos and video should never be taken during the show.

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8. Do not get up out of your seat during the show. Wait until the current piece or scene has ended before you quickly and quietly excuse yourself.

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9. Things that have noisy wrappers should be opened before the show, in between scenes, or during applause.

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10. Don't put or throw anything onto the stage or at other audience members.

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11. Do laugh when the performance is funny.

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12. Do applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.

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13. Do applaud when the performance is over.

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14. Stand and applaud if you really thought the show was great.

15. Do not leave before curtain call! The cast and crew of the show worked hard and you should let them know their work is appreciated.