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This Collection is more than the visual art that represents it. We want to show the possibilities this technology holds for any sized business, how even small organizations can use new technologies to grow and impact the community.

Our goal is to create real and lasting benefit for all Ballet & Beyond NFT holders, allowing for the growth of a secondary market, where current holders can sell their NFTs to others who might want to take advantage of these benefits. As our community continues to grow, this collection will serve as a way for us to give back to its members.


*Guaranteed through the end of 2022

Six (6) complimentary performance tickets per season

Think of these as accompanying the token itself - if the NFT is sold or transferred part way through the year, only the unused tickets from those 6 will be available to the new owner until the next calendar year when benefits reset.


Complimentary subscription for Ballet & Beyond Digital Magazine

The first quarterly edition of the Ballet & Beyond Digital Magazine will be release this spring, and holders will be among the first to enjoy this collection.

Exclusive events, offers, and giveaways

In this ever-changing environment, we are always looking for ways to increase value for holders. Be on the lookout for offers and giveaways for Ballet & Beyond NFT holders.


We have barely scratched


the surface of what's possible...


*In order to take advantage of any current or future benefits, you MUST register.

1. Email from a valid email address. This will be the email address we will use to communicate with you.

2. Include your public wallet address, the name/number/title of your NFT, and the date purchased. You will receive a confirmation after the transaction is confirmed.


3. You're all set! We will send out periodic communications regarding upcoming events, offers, and giveaways, as well as updates on benefits.

Purchased your NFT on the secondary market?

No problem! Simply follow the same steps above. After the transaction is confirmed, your email and public wallet address will replace the former owner's.

*NOTE: We do NOT offer this or any other information as financial, legal, tax, investing, or any other kind of advice. Please take every precaution you feel is necessary, as your investments are your own and at your own risk.

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