Live Classes via Zoom (for both enrolled students and drop-in students)

**If you post any photos/video on social media, please use the hashtag #ccbgoesonline


March 30th through June 7th, we will be holding live classes via Zoom in order to continue to provide fun, creative, and informational training opportunities for all of our students (including drop-in students) that require very little space and equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Using Zoom will allow all students to see each other and will allow the teacher to answer any questions and give corrections and feedback.


Connection - good quality internet and an electronic device (phone, tablet, computer).

Space - the more space the better, but our lessons will be condensed to ensure those with even the smallest space can participate.

Positivity - ready to try something new and unconventional.

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June 7th

HOW TO DROP-IN (for non-registered students)

The classes listed above in yellow are available as a drop-in. The classes in blue are not available as drop-ins. If you're interested in dropping into one of our live Zoom classes, please make a class purchase at least 2 hours before the start of the class. For the Sunday Beg/Int class, please make your purchase the day before. After your purchase you will receive a link and password to enter the Zoom class. You can purchase a single class ($8/class for all classes except pointe which is $6/class) or a 10-class bundle for $65. If purchasing a bundle, please email to let us know what classes you'd like to attend.

CLICK HERE to purchase a single class or 10 class bundle.


Zoom is a free app/online download. If you'd like to use your phone or tablet you can download the app through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you are using your computer, you can download here: You will need to have this app in order to participate in the class. This allows everyone to see each other and the teacher to answer any questions and give corrections and feedback. Classes will be 30-75 minutes, depending on the level and style. Assuming you are dancing in your bedroom, basement, living room, etc. we can't include things like grand allegro or across the floor exercises, but we will do our best to give you a complete class.


Simply click on the link to the class that has been emailed to you. That link will log you right in to the class (or waiting room if you're a few minutes early) where you will be prompted to enter the password that you've also been emailed. You can also find the zoom links and passwords on your class online learning page.


Dancers can wear whatever is comfortable to move in. If you’d like to put on leotard and tights to have some “normalcy” during this time, feel free! If you want to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt, that is fine too. Please avoid super short shorts (because we can see you at home) and baggy pants (because we can’t offer any corrections without seeing your legs). Typical dance shoes are best.


All classes have been modified to accommodate a smaller space than the traditional dance studio, so you should be able to take class in your bedroom (great excuse to clean your room!), basement, family room, or kitchen. Most teachers will also be teaching in their homes as well, so it'll be a learning process for everyone!

This is a pilot project and we are new to this form of class delivery. In the case of any technical difficulties, please be patient with us. We will not be interrupting our classes to assist anyone who is having trouble joining. If this happens please contact us via email and we will try to help and correct the issue for future classes.


While we highly encourage dancers to take class at their regularly scheduled class time, we understand that some may not be available or have device access at that time. If you're not able to attend your regularly scheduled class, videos of the classes will be available to you on your online learning page.