Class Descriptions

All age ranges are approximate and are not the primary factor in level placement. Class placement will be based on the level of individual dancers at the discretion of their teachers and in consultation with the directors. The birthday cutoff for all ages is September 1st of a given year (ex: Youth Ballet 1 students registering for either session in the 2019-20 season must be 6 years old by September 1, 2019 in order to enroll.). However, for Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet, the dancer must be of age by the first day of the session.

Creative Movement

(Ages 3-5)

This class allows girls and boys to be introduced to dance through the use of imagery, stories, and movement games. This class is designed to address the child’s developmental needs while stimulating their imagination and introducing them to musicality, basic ballet skills, and locomotor skills. Children also focus on learning to follow directions and dance as part of a group. This is a 45 minute class where the child participates without a parent.



(Ages 4-7)

Girls/boys who are 4 years old should have already taken Creative Movement and been recommended for this class by their instructor. Children who are 5 years old may start in this class without having taken Creative Movement first. Girls and boys enjoy expressing themselves through movement while learning basic ballet terminology and movements. Students are introduced to classroom etiquette, basic ballet exercises, and musicality. This is a one hour class.


Youth Ballet 1

(Ages 6-10)

Dancers begin to move through the rudimentary structure of a standard ballet class, including barre and center practice, while further expanding their knowledge of movement and terminology. Students are introduced to basic ballet technique, including turn-out and posture, while building confidence and learning elementary performance skills. This is a one hour class.

Youth Ballet 2

(Ages 9-14)

This class begins to transition young dancers into the full structure of a standard ballet class with increased exercises and vocabulary. The focus of this class is to create good technical habits while building strength, flexibility, and body coordination. Emphasis is also placed on performance quality and learning how to project with artistic expression. This is a one hour and fifteen-minute class.


Youth Ballet 3/4

(Ages 12-16)

Dancers who already have a thorough knowledge of elementary ballet start to establish a strong technical foundation and begin to explore more advanced movement and concepts. Proper technique is taught through a full ballet class, but emphasis is also placed on musicality, projection and performance quality, and artistic expression. Dancers may begin pointe class with the permission of the instructor.This class is available for drop-in.

Beg/Int Pointe

(Ages 12+)

This 45-minute class is intended for those dancers who have shown adequate physical strength, accurate technique, and necessary mental awareness to go en pointe. Dancers must be recommended for pointe by their instructor. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. This class focuses on foot/ankle strengthening exercises. Students will learn and practice pointe at the barre with heavy emphasis on correct foot and body alignment. A slow and careful approach is used to ensure a safe and solid foundation en pointe. This class is intended for dancers who are new to pointe as well as dancers in their first or second year en pointe. Youth dancers must be enrolled in a ballet class at CCB. This class is open to youth and adult dancers, but it is available as a drop-in for adults only.


Int/Adv Pointe

This 1-hour class is for those dancers who have had at least 2 years of pointe. Dancers must be recommended for this level of pointe by their instructor. Dancers should have a safe and solid pointe foundation with a high level of control and ease. Dancers will perform exercises at the barre and in center, expanding upon their previous capabilities. Dancers will learn more advanced steps en pointe and, at this level, dancers will become just as comfortable dancing en pointe as they are dancing in ballet slippers. This class is open to youth and adult dancers and is available for drop-in.

Beg/Int Ballet

(Ages 14 – adult)

A beginner/intermediate level ballet class open to all dancers ages 14 through adult. This class is perfect for adults or teenagers who are new to ballet as well as adults or teenagers who have been dancing for years but are looking for a slower level class or are looking to work on the fundamental basics of ballet. This class is available for drop-in.


Int/Adv Ballet

(Ages 14 – adult)

This class is intended for two types of dancers: dancers 14 through post-college who are serious about the art-form and are looking to grow as dancers and performers AND mature adult dancers looking for a care-free artistic outlet. Dancers at this level have a strong base and work to refine technique in more advanced movements. Stress is placed on a well-rounded dancer who has strong technique (correct placement, proper use of turn out, flexibility/extension, strong use of port de bras and arms) as well as strong performance skills (musicality, projection, style, and artistic expression). Dancers will also learn how to audition for those who are interested in pursuing dance as a career or in higher education. Dancers may be enrolled in Int/Adv Pointe (based on teacher’s discretion). This class is available for drop-in. While the Monday and Wednesday classes are available for registration, the Sunday class is DROP-IN ONLY (no registration available), and has a discounted drop-in rate that can be found here

Cross-Training for Ballet Dancers

(Ages 16 - adult; dancers under 18 require approval from the directors)

At CCB, we value the importance of cross-training in order to maintain a healthy body and prevent injuries. We focus on exercises guided to strengthen the weaknesses that dancers often have. This training goes beyond casual conditioning. The goal is to create overall strength and endurance and to maximizing control through movement. This class is intended for intermediate/advanced dancers who have a thorough understanding of movement and their bodies, and who are seeking to supplement their ballet training. This class will help increase the athleticism of your dancing while strengthening and honing your ballet muscles and skills. This class is DROP-IN ONLY (no registration available).

Beg/Int Youth Tap

(Ages 8-13)

This hoofing based tap class teaches basic tap skills and combinations and helps build the necessary strength and endurance for more advanced tapping. Previous tap experience is not required, but welcome.

Beg/Int Tap

(Ages 14 - adult)

All ages 14+ are welcome though the class is mostly comprised of adult students. This hoofing based tap class teaches basic tap skills and combinations and helps build the necessary strength and endurance for more advanced tapping. This class is available for drop-in.


Int/Adv Tap

(Ages 12 - adult)

All ages 12+ are welcome. This hoofing based tap class teaches more advanced tap skills and combinations in a fast-paced structure with a focus of longer combinations and improvisation.

This class is open to youth and adult dancers and is available for drop-in.



(Ages 12 - adult)

Description to come. This class is open to youth and adult dancers and is available for drop-in.


Private Lessons/Coaching

Private lessons and coaching are available by appointment. Please email the school, at, for scheduling, pricing and studio availability. At least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation must be given or the student will be charged for the full rate of the lesson.

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