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Pre-professional dance classes and programs for students ages 3 through 18. 


**If you are a former CCB student who was not enrolled recently, please email before registering for the 2023-24 year so that we can re-activate your Jackrabbit account.

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About Student Division


Charm City Ballet’s Student Division is designed to give dancers ages 3 through 18 a comprehensive and thorough ballet education. Dancers begin at the most basic level, focusing on the foundational skills, vocabulary, positions, and coordination required for successful ballet training. As they progress, more advanced and complex material is covered as our qualified faculty members guide students into subsequent levels.


Ballet is a complex artform and requires the mastery of many physical and mental skills to excel. For this reason, level placement and pointe eligibility are determined by ability instead of age.



While it’s never too late to begin learning ballet, as with most things, starting earlier can have a definitive advantage. Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet act as a starting point for young dancers to begin exploring how to move and coordinate their bodies while gaining the knowledge and skills required to enter a more structured and formal ballet setting. Starting in Ballet 1, dancers progress through continually more advanced material, culminating in preparation for life and training after graduation.


Students are evaluated annually by faculty to determine level placement based on each dancer's individual ability. Dancers, even those who demonstrate particularly high capability, will most often spend at least 1-2 seasons in the same level. It is unusual for dancers to change level mid-season.

Class Schedule & Info



Students are encouraged to attend all available classes in order to gain the most out of their training. Annual tuition is all inclusive and not charged per class, so students may take as many level-appropriate classes as they like, including tap and jazz. Dancers may take classes at their current placement level and below. To see the recommended number of classes per week for your level, visit our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS and/or see the chart below.


Class placements are based on the level of individual dancers at the discretion of their teachers and in consultation with the directors, and age is not the primary factor in level placement. Auditions are not required to join our program, but we may ask a dancer to take a placement class to determine their level. If you are new to our program, please email for assistance in class placement.


Dancers may take a week of trial classes before committing to the program. In order to set up your trial class(es), please email


Select classes may be available virtually upon email request. Students taking classes via Zoom will not get individualized corrections, because our instructors will be focusing on watching the students in the studio. Dancers may need to alter combinations in order to be able to perform them safely at home.


As teachers and mentors, we are wholly dedicated to providing the best possible dance education for our students and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. 


This, however, is only one part of what is necessary for success. Dancers are expected to fully honor their commitment to attend each and every scheduled class, as well as maintain the conditioning required for long-term participation in dance. Students with excessive absences will be subject to level reevaluation.


Dancers are required to be on time, properly dressed (following our dress code), and ready to begin class at the start time. Please email us if you are going to be late or absent. If students are more than 10 minutes late, they may be asked, at the teacher’s discretion, to observe class for safety reasons.

2023-24 Classes: September 11, 2023 - June 2, 2024

Tuition & Payment Schedule


Student Division tuition is for the full school year and is all inclusive (not charged per class). Tuition may be paid in full, in two equal installments, or in five equal installments. At the time of registration, a $30 Registration Fee is required. This annual Registration Fee is due one time per student each season (September – August). This fee is non-refundable.

Enrollment is complete when both the $30 Registration Fee and the first installment are made.


All payments are processed through the credit card in your Jackrabbit account. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian listed as the billing contact to login to the Portal and make their own payment by the due date(s) listed above. A $20 Late Fee will be assessed for payments not made by the due dates. Students with delinquent accounts will not be admitted to class or be eligible to register for additional programs until their account is current.


Should a parent/guardian desire to withdraw a student prior to the end of the Academic Year, Charm City Ballet must receive written notice, via email, stating the student’s name and the date the student will officially withdraw from the program. The parent or guardian will be responsible for all tuition payments due until a written notice of withdrawal is received stating the date of withdrawal. Verbal notification of withdrawal will not be accepted.


CCB offers rolling admission, so late registrations for our annual program of classes are accepted if there is space in the class, and tuition will be prorated.


Tuition and Registration Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable to another student or program. Students are eligible for a pro-rated tuition refund only if they withdraw from classes due to prolonged illness or severe injury, verified by a doctor’s certificate. 

If in-studio classes need to switch to virtual classes, for any reason, TUITION WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


Students may take make-up classes (in another level-appropriate class) within the current school year only. Please email to schedule your make-up classes.

Registered students level Ballet 3 and up are invited to drop into any level-appropriate class. These classes are included in annual tuition, so dancers are not charged anything additional for drop-in classes. However, you must still register for the class at least 3 hours before the class start time (or by Saturday at 8:00 PM for Sunday classes). Complete the appropriate registration through the events section in the Portal to register for drop-in classes.


As stated above, Student Division tuition does include unlimited classes and drop-in classes for the full school year. It does not include registration fees, summer classes or intensives, master classes, all performance related fees, or other workshops or events held at or by Charm City Ballet.

Covid-19 Protocols




​If you are returning to CCB after a 5-day quarantine or isolation, you must still wear a mask at until day 10.


CCB will be continuing to monitor ​and evaluate the ​COVID-19 developments and changes, and we reserve the right to alter or adjust any of our COVID-19 policies ​at any time, ​based on changes in the general public health status or ​if COVID-19 transmissions and/or infections rise.

Covid protocols remain in place, and all dancers/parents/guardians must agree to follow our protocols in order to participate in classes.



- strict quarantine and isolation policies

- strict cleaning/disinfecting protocols




CCB must be notified immediately if a student is in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or if a student tests positive for COVID-19. Please refer to our quarantine & isolation protocols below to determine when you may return to the studio.

Anyone with any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed in our facility. Anyone in contact with someone who has/recently had COVID-19, or anyone who has tested positive, may not come to the facility. 


Our lobby is fully open at this time, but please look after young children to be sure they respect the space.


We have the right to switch our in-studio classes to virtual classes via Zoom if at any point we feel it’s necessary or the safest option for our students and teachers. Refunds will not be given.


**If you are a former CCB student who was not enrolled recently, please email before registering for the 2023-24 year so that we can re-activate your Jackrabbit account.

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