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FALL 2022

There is nothing more important to us than our students’ safety. To cut down on congestion and assure classes begin and end promptly, we will need everyone to follow these procedures:




• Dancers should be dropped off at THE FRONT DOOR. (See map below.)

• Plan to arrive no more than 10 minutes before class time.

• Be aware of your social distancing when entering the facility.

• Masks are required for everyone entering the facility, regardless of age or vaccination status.

• Please use hand sanitizer upon entry into the facility.

• Students entering the facility will either go directly into the studio (if the teacher says the studio is ready and fully disinfected) or students will stand in the hallway and lobby until the teacher invites them into the studio.

Studio dropoff map



Dancers will exit the facility directly from the studio and out the back door.


• All vehicles must pull up to THE BACK STUDIO DOOR. (See map below.)

• Plan to arrive and be in line (or parked in the back) by the time the class ends. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

• Cars must stay in line for pick up. Cars may also park in the parking spots in the back.

• For older students who will recognize their vehicle, parents/guardians should stay in their car.

• For younger students, parents/guardians may step out and stand near their vehicle to help guide their child to them safely.

• Dancers who drove themselves will be permitted to exit the facility through the front doors. Social distancing must be maintained when exiting.

• The children of our lobby volunteers may exit with their parent through the front doors. Social distancing must be maintained when exiting.


If a parent or guardian is more than 5 minutes late picking up, their dancer will remain in the studio until they arrive. If an emergency occurs hindering timely pick up, please be in touch asap.


If parent/guardian is late more than 3 times when picking up their dancer, they will be charged $10 per occurrence for each time they are more than 15 minutes late thereafter. The studio is not responsible for caring for children who are not picked up on time.


While we will be monitoring the exit of dancers, CCB accepts no responsibility or liability for students leaving the building. Dancers who leave the building unsupervised do so at their own risk. Please discuss our pick-up procedures with your dancer ahead of time and communicate with them about safe ways to leave the building.

Studio pick up map
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