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Charm City Ballet presents



Let's play a game!

The Easter Egg, as it is known, is a long standing tradition in movies and video games, something hidden by the creator simply for the fun of finding it. This year, we have created our own!

Somewhere on the Sneak Peek page (or any of its extensions), there is a clickable link. It could be within text, a photo, a button, or any other page element. The link is unique, and its hidden corresponding page can only be reached by clicking it. On this page is a riddle.

The first person who finds the page, solves the riddle, and follows the instructions within will be the winner of 2 FREE TICKETS to either performance on December 18th! Be sure to follow the instructions on the winner's page for claiming the prize.



When someone finds the Easter Egg, the game will reset and the link will be moved to a different element with a new chance to claim the prize!! The game will end at 10 PM on Thursday, 12/16.

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