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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of our students, all of our summer programs will be held online. We will not be holding in-studio classes, camps, or intensives, but everything will still be offered virtually! Full length classes and abbreviated camps/intensives will be offered.


While we know that studying dance in person and in the studio is most ideal, we believe that each new challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow in new and exciting ways. CCB’s Virtual Summer Dance Program offers the chance to continue to develop your mind and body from the safety of your own home. With our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, you or your child can continue to learn and advance in the fundamentals of dance, keep your bodies active, and maintain familiarity and routine in your schedule.

Chandra Zoom Class.JPG

Charm City Ballet’s summer dance programs offer a full range of instruction taught by CCB’s excellent faculty as well as distinguished guest artists. Our programs are designed to accommodate all students ages 3 through adult who wish to continue (or begin) their dance training during the summer months. We offer 1-week camps for children and teens, a week-long ballet intensive for more advanced and professional-level dancers, and a full schedule of classes in an ongoing 7-week session. Detailed information is listed below! Please email with any questions regarding placements.


**If you are a former CCB student who is/was not enrolled in the spring 2020 session, please email before registering for the summer session so that we can re-activate your Jackrabbit account.

Enroll by

June 15th

and receive

10% off!


Virtual Camps & Intensives


Ages 3-6

(Also open to 2019-20 Pre-Ballet students who are 7.)

Monday, August 3rd – Friday, August 7th

10:00am – 11:45am

Tuition: $100/week

This fun camp, held on Zoom, includes dance instruction, learning the music and stories of different Disney movies, ballet terminology, and simple arts and crafts. We will also have themed days with dress-up options and include activities such as virtual scavenger hunts and book-reading. The suggested class attire for girls is pink or black tights, a leotard (of any style/color), pink or black ballet shoes, and an optional skirt. The suggested class attire for boys is athletic pants/shorts, a solid color t-shirt, and white/black/tan ballet shoes. Please see below for our "Summer 2020 Discounts, Info, & Policies."

Instructor: Eve Holmes Varner

Assistant: Becca Friedman


IMG_6132 (1).jpg
Ages 7-10

Monday, July 6th – Friday, July 10th

10:00am – 11:45am

Tuition: $100/week

This camp, held on Zoom, includes daily ballet classes with additional training in stretching, conditioning, and musicality. The class attire for girls is pink tights, a leotard (of any style/color), and pink ballet shoes. The class attire for boys is black tights or black athletic pants/shorts, a solid color t-shirt, and white/black/tan ballet shoes. Please see below for our "Summer 2020 Discounts, Info, & Policies."

Instructors: Eve Holmes Varner & Spenser Shanahan


Ages 10-14

Monday, July 27th – Friday, July 31st

10:00am – 12:00pm

Tuition: $110/week

This junior ballet intensive, held on Zoom, is intended for experienced ballet dancers who are ages 10-14. Dancers will develop artistry and technique with daily ballet classes. Each day will consist of a ballet technique class, a short break, and a second miscellaneous class (ex: variations, stretch, contemporary ballet, cross-training, dance history). The class attire for girls is pink tights, a leotard (of any style/color), and pink ballet shoes. The class attire for boys is black tights or black athletic pants/shorts, a solid color t-shirt, and white/black/tan ballet slippers. Please see below for our "Summer 2020 Discounts, Info, & Policies."

Instructors: Pete Commander & Deborah Engerman


Ages 14 - adult

Monday, August 10th – Friday, August 14th

10:00am - 12:30pm

Tuition: $120/week; $30/day

Full-time college student discount: 25% off ($90.00/week; $22.50/day)

This ballet intensive for intermediate/advanced level dancers is set up as a series of workshops and will be held on Zoom. Dancers will develop artistry and technique with daily ballet classes. Each day will be taught by a different guest instructor and will consist of a ballet technique class, a short break, and a second miscellaneous class (ex: pointe, variations, stretch, repertoire, contemporary ballet, pilates, cross-training, dance history). Dancers who are not at a an advanced pointe level may take the second class en flat if need be. Dancers have the option to sign up for the full week (for a discounted rate) or sign up for individual days. Please see below for our "Summer 2020 Discounts, Info, & Policies."


Monday, August 10th: Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn

Tuesday, August 11th: Deborah Engerman

Wednesday, August 12th: Luciana Paris

Thursday, August 13th: Florian Rouiller

Friday, August 14th: Tamako Miyazaki

To learn more about the intensive instructors, click here!

Virtual Classes

VIRTUAL CLASSES - (7 week session)

Ages 3 - adult

Monday, June 22nd – Sunday, August 9th

*Please see below for our "Summer 2020 Discounts, Info, & Policies."

For CLASS DESCRIPTIONS, please click here.

(with different drop-in rate)

Class Tuition


Class Tuition.jpg
Multiple Class Discount Chart.jpg

(or more)


Drop-In Info
Drop-In Rates.jpg

HOW TO DROP-IN (for non-registered students)

The yellow classes listed in the class schedule above are available as a drop-in. The classes in blue are not available as drop-ins. If you're interested in dropping into one of our virtual classes that run in the evening/night, please make your class purchase at least 2 hours before the start of the class. If you're interested in dropping into one of our virtual classes that run in the morning, please make your purchase the day before. After your purchase, if it is your first virtual drop-in class with CCB, you will receive a waiver via email to sign electronically. You will then receive an email with the link and password to enter the Zoom class. Please see drop-in rates in the chart above.

CLICK HERE to purchase a virtual drop-in class.

Discounts, Info, & Policies



MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT: Please see chart above.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: When 2 or more children (or parents) from the same family are taking class(es) or enrolling in camps in our summer session, a 10% discount on tuition is applied to the student taking fewer hours of class(es) per week. In order to receive this discount, both students must be enrolled in the same category (camps/intensives OR session classes). Discounts do not apply to drop-in classes.

COLLEGE DISCOUNT: Full-time college students receive a 25% discount on session tuition. Proof of full-time enrollment must be given. This discount does not apply to drop-in classes, although, full-time college students also receive a $3 discount on drop-in classes. As shown above, a discount is also given for our Int/Adv Ballet Intensive.

BROTHER DISCOUNT: Brothers of registered students receive 50% off tuition. Brother(s) and sibling(s) must be registered for the same category (camps/intensives OR session classes). This discount is in replace of the family discount and multiple class discount.




​Tuition is payable either in full or in two equal installments. For camps/intensives, the first installment or full payment is due at registration (which will be charged automatically to your credit card on file with the amount dependent on whether you chose “pay in full” or “split payment”), and the second installment will be due on the first day of the camp or intensive. For classes, the first installment or full payment is due by the first day of the summer session, June 22nd, 2020, and the second installment is due by July 13th, 2020. For session classes, you will receive an email from us when your fees have been posted to your account, and then you can make your payment online via our customer Portal.

Tuition is non-refundable. For dancers who withdraw with less than 1 week notice prior to the start of a camp/intensive, the 1st installment amount (half of the total due) is non-refundable.



Late registrations for session classes are accepted, and tuition will be pro-rated.


Classes or camps/intensives not meeting minimum enrollment may be combined or cancelled. A full refund will be given if a camp or class is cancelled.


There are no credits or refunds for missed camp/intensive days. We do not offer make-up classes for summer camps/intensives. Dancers who are enrolled in session classes may make up 2 classes (in another level-appropriate class) in the summer session, but make-up classes cannot be carried into the 2020-21 school year.


A $15 Late Fee will be assessed for payments made after the due dates. A $25 charge is placed on all declined credit cards and on all returned checks. No exceptions.


Virtual Dance Info


Connection - good quality internet and an electronic device (phone, tablet, computer).

Space - the more space the better, but our lessons will be condensed to ensure those with even the smallest space can participate.

Positivity - ready to try something new and unconventional.


Zoom is a free app/online download. If you'd like to use your phone or tablet you can download the app through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you are using your computer, you can download here: You will need to have this app in order to participate in the class. This allows everyone to see each other and the teacher to answer any questions and give corrections and feedback.


Simply click on the link to the class that has been emailed to you and then enter the password. When prompted, please enter the name of the student when joining a class. The link will log you right in to the class (or waiting room if you're a few minutes early). Then, just wait for your teacher to let you in!


While it is not required, we recommend that dancers wear the same attire they would in the dance studio. If you'd prefer to wear athletic clothing for ballet, we request that you wear something form fitting so that we can easily give corrections. Please avoid super short shorts (because we can see you at home) and baggy pants (because we can’t offer any corrections without seeing your legs). Typical dance shoes are best, though tappers are welcome to wear sneakers instead of tap shoes.


All classes have been modified to accommodate a smaller space than the traditional dance studio, so you should be able to take class in your bedroom (great excuse to clean your room!), basement, family room, or kitchen. Most teachers will also be teaching in their homes as well.

We know that space is limited at home, but please be aware that the more of your body that your teacher can see, the easier it is to give personal corrections. We cannot give many corrections if we can only see your head and chest. Do your best to get as much of your body in the screen shot as possible, and parents, please help your children find the best spot for their device before leaving the room for them to take class.

Though we have been teaching via Zoom for months now, this form of class delivery is still new to us and subject to technology working properly. In the case of any technical difficulties, please be patient. We will not be interrupting our classes to assist anyone who is having trouble joining. If this happens, please contact us via email and we will try to help and correct the issue for future classes.

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