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Charm City Ballet


a limited collection of NFTs residing on the Polygon blockchain.

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The Ballet & Beyond


Welcome to the future.


RELEASE DATE: March 7, 2022


NETWORK: Polygon

This collection's artwork will feature photographs of our dancers that have been artistically altered with lighting, filters, and color techniques.

It will consist of 50 NFTs total listed on the OpenSea marketplace. We will start by releasing the first 10 and will add the next batch each time we hit 50% sold.

Holders will receive utility benefits throughout the year, including complimentary tickets, merchandise, exclusive offers, and more.


Several months ago, we began exploring the decentralized space, and there was one thing that quickly became clear: we were experiencing the future. The nature of web3 has created brand new, unbound possibilities for individual artists, companies, and those looking to break from traditional markets.

After months of study and preparation, we are thrilled to announce the release of our very own NFT collection, the Ballet & Beyond Collection.

Holders of a Ballet & Beyond NFT will receive benefits year-round, including complimentary tickets for performances, special discounts, exclusive offers, and much more.

More than just a simple trend, we believe that Web3 can be a tool for building a better future for everyone around the world, and CCB is taking steps toward embracing that future.

We believe that Web3 can be a tool for building a better future for everyone around the world...


Q: What is an NFT?

A: NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are smart contract-based digital assets held on a blockchain network. These tokens are unique and are not interchangeable with any other of their kind, unlike cryptocurrency, which is known as a “fungible” token (i.e. 1 BTC is exactly equal to and perfectly interchangeable with any other 1 BTC. Fiat currencies, like dollars, are also fungible).


Q: But can't I just right-click and save the image?

A: Yes, you can! And you would have the image, but you wouldn't own the token, which is the verifiable digital asset. Many NFTs today, including the Ballet & Beyond Collection, have significant utility to their holders beyond the image itself, from which only verified owners can benefit.


Q: Where can I get my Ballet & Beyond NFT?

A: The Ballet & Beyond Collection is listed on an NFT marketplace called OpenSea. Click here for more information on how to get started.


Q: I hear that some NFTs are scams and there are hackers everywhere. How can I keep myself and my wallet safe?

A: This is a truly unfortunate downside. In an “unregulated” space, it’s much easier for people to take advantage of newcomers, and scammers and hackers continue to come up with new schemes. It can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to keep yourself safe. Visit our Crypto Safety page for more information.


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*NOTE: We do NOT offer this or any other information as financial, legal, tax, investing, or any other kind of advice. Please take every precaution you feel is necessary, as your investments are your own and at your own risk.

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