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January 11 - June 6 

Our Spring 2021 session will offer different class options that enable each student to return to the studio according to their individual comfort levels. We are working diligently to keep our community safe from COVID-19 and to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our students and their families.

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Class Styles
Young ballet students in class


We will be offering select classes in the studio this fall. Very strict health and cleaning protocols will be in place, and all dancers/parents/guardians must agree to follow our protocols in order to participate in these classes. Dancers enrolling in in-studio classes must understand that at any point, due to a mandate or otherwise, we may switch these classes to virtual classes via Zoom. In this situation, tuition for the virtual period will be discounted 25%.




- required masks for all teachers and students of all ages, including while dancing

- physical distancing between participants

- lobby is closed to all parents/guardians/siblings

- strict drop-off and pick-up procedures

- daily temperature checks and health evaluation for all teachers and students

- cleaning/disinfecting in between all classes that involve different students

- no use of the dressing rooms or water dispenser

- class size restrictions (only 8 or 9 students per class)


When everyone wears a mask, everyone is more protected. If there is a specific reason you/your dancer should not wear a mask while dancing, we must know ahead of time and receive a doctor's note (though it is currently required by MD law for anyone over the age of five). Instructors will plan classes to accommodate a slow build up to more aerobic activity over time, so dancers will have the opportunity to slowly get used to dancing in a mask and build up their endurance. Teachers will continue to check in with how students are feeling throughout class. If/when a dancer needs a break from their mask, the teacher will allow them to open the back door in the studio in order to stand outside and get some fresh air without their mask on.​



How to Dance in a Face Mask

Here's What Experts Say to Look For in a Mask for Dancing

Safely Incorporating Masks Into Dance Class

*We are asking parents to please volunteer to help with check in. Please email us at if you’re willing to help.

Zoom meeting with ballet dancers


We will have two options for virtual classes:


Virtual Only Classes

As we have been doing since March 2020, we will continue to offer virtual class options for those who would like to continue training at home. All classes are held on Zoom. Students will receive both group and individual corrections and feedback in these classes. These classes will be specifically taught for people dancing at home, so spacing and flooring considerations will be made.

In-Studio Classes From Home (Hybrid Classes)

Dancers have the option to take any of our in-studio classes (not including Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Ballet 1) virtually from home. Unlike our virtual only classes, students taking these classes via Zoom will not get individualized corrections, because our instructors will be focusing on watching the students in the studio. Dancers may need to slightly alter combinations in order to be able to perform them safely at home.


Though individual feedback will not be given via this method of class, it still gives students the option to take additional classes and apply any group corrections or feedback that the teacher gives. Dancers will still benefit greatly from these classes, and this class style gives students, who are uncomfortable returning to the studio, more class options.



Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Dancers may enroll to take our in-studio classes virtually. 




Drop-In Info

Due to capacity restrictions in the studio, we will not be allowing live drop-ins for the Spring 2021 session. That said, dancers do have the option to drop-in virtually, via Zoom, to our in-studio classes or our virtual only classes. Virtual drop-ins are welcome in the following classes: Ballet 3, Ballet 4 & 5, Int/Adv Ballet, Open Level Ballet, Beg/Int Pointe (youth dancers must take Ballet 4 & 5 beforehand), Int/Adv Pointe, Conditioning/Cross-Training (this class is drop-in only), Beg/Int Tap, and Int/Adv Tap. Drop-ins are not allowed in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, and Beg/Int Youth Tap.


If you're interested in virtually dropping into one of our classes, please make your class purchase at least 3 hours before the class start time (and by Saturday at 10:00 PM for Sunday classes). After your purchase, if it is your first virtual drop-in class with CCB, you will receive a waiver via email to sign electronically. You will then receive an email with the link and password to enter the Zoom class. Please see drop-in rates in the chart below.



Discounts, Info, & Policies

MULTIPLE CLASS DISCOUNT: Please see chart above.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: When 2 or more children (or parents) from the same family are taking class(es) in the same session, a 10% discount on tuition is applied to the student taking fewer hours of class(es) per week. Discounts do not apply to Registration Fees or Drop-In Classes.

COLLEGE DISCOUNT: Full-time college students receive a 25% discount on session tuition. Proof of full-time enrollment must be given. This discount does not apply to Registration Fees or Drop-In Classes, although, full-time college students also receive a discount on Drop-In Classes.

BROTHER DISCOUNT: Brothers of registered students receive 50% off tuition. Brother(s) and sibling(s) must be registered for the same session. Discount does not apply to Registration Fees and is in replace of the family discount and multiple class discount.



​*Payment for the spring session can be made in full (before the start of the session) or in 3 equal installments. 

*Enrollment is complete when both the $25.00 registration fee and the first installment are made.


Spring 2021 Session (January 11 - June 6)

-- First installment due before the start of the session

-- Second installment due: March 1st, 2021

-- Third installment due: April 19th, 2021



Tuition and Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable regardless of reason for withdrawal. If in-studio classes need to switch to virtual classes, for any reason, TUITION WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Instead, a 25% discount/refund will be applied to any in-studio classes that have gone virtual. This discount/refund does not apply to students who must perform a self-quarantine (and switch to virtual classes) due to exposure, or a positive test, to COVID-19.

Late registrations are accepted if there is space in the class. Tuition will be pro-rated.

Registration Fee: $25/student (non-refundable)

Registration fees are charged once per school-year. Students re-enrolling in the spring session are not charged a second registration fee.



- A $25 charge is placed on all declined credit cards and on all returned checks. No exceptions.

- A $15 Late Fee per month will be assessed for payments made after the due dates.

A letter of withdrawal in writing is required for any student who needs to withdraw from a class for any reason.

Students may take make-up classes (in another level-appropriate class) in their current session only. Classes missed during the spring session must be made up by the end of the spring session. Make-up classes cannot be carried into the summer session or future years.



Anyone with any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed in our facility. Anyone in contact with someone who has/recently had COVID-19, or anyone who has tested positive, may not come to the facility. 


All dancers/parents/guardians must follow our strict drop off and pick up procedures (see document at the top of this page). If a dancer does not pass our daily health screening, they will be asked to go home. Masks are required for all students and teachers at all times, and parents/guardians involved in drop off and pick up must also be wearing a mask.


Dancers must arrive for class with the following: dance bag, yoga mat (not required for Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Ballet 1), hand sanitizer, tissues, water bottle (water dispenser will be closed), mask, dressed for class (dressing rooms will be closed), dance shoes, and other class items. If a dancer forgets their yoga mat, they must purchase an extra one from the studio, for $10, which they will then own and take home with them. Extra masks will be available if a dancer breaks their mask, forgets their mask, or if their mask gets wet.


We have the right to switch our in-studio classes to virtual classes if at any point we feel it’s necessary or the safest option for our students and teachers. In this case, in-studio tuition will be discounted 25% for the time period in which classes remain virtual. Full refunds will not be given.



Virtual Class Info


Connection - good quality internet and an electronic device (phone, tablet, computer).

Space - the more space the better, but our lessons will be condensed to ensure those with even the smallest space can participate.

Positivity - ready to try something new and unconventional.


Zoom is a free app/online download. If you'd like to use your phone or tablet you can download the app through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store. If you are using your computer, you can download here: You will need to have this app in order to participate in the class. This allows everyone to see each other and the teacher to answer any questions and give corrections and feedback.


Simply click on the link to the class that has been emailed to you and then enter the password. When prompted, please enter the name of the student when joining a class. The link will log you right in to the class (or waiting room if you're a few minutes early). Then, just wait for your teacher to let you in!


While it is not required, we recommend that dancers wear the same attire they would in the dance studio. If you'd prefer to wear athletic clothing for ballet, we request that you wear something form fitting so that we can easily give corrections. Please avoid super short shorts (because we can see you at home) and baggy pants (because we can’t offer any corrections without seeing your legs). Typical dance shoes are best, though tappers are welcome to wear sneakers instead of tap shoes.


All of our virtual-only classes have been modified to accommodate a smaller space than the traditional dance studio, so you should be able to take class in your bedroom (great excuse to clean your room!), basement, family room, or kitchen. If you are taking our in-studio classes at home virtually, you may need to alter/modify certain combinations to better accommodate your space and flooring at home.

We know that space is limited at home, but please be aware that the more of your body that your teacher can see, the easier it is to give personal corrections. We cannot give many corrections if we can only see your head and chest. Do your best to get as much of your body in the screen shot as possible, and parents, please help your children find the best spot for their device before leaving the room for them to take class.

Though we have been teaching via Zoom for months now, this form of class delivery is still new to us and subject to technology working properly. In the case of any technical difficulties, please be patient. We will not be interrupting our classes to assist anyone who is having trouble joining. If this happens, please contact us via email and we will try to help and correct the issue for future classes.

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